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Piet Oudolf landscape designer

Piet Oudolf has lived and worked at his home, Hummelo (Gelderland), since 1982. He is a celebrated and internationally renowned Dutch landscape designer. He works on projects across Europe and beyond and has built a reputation for public access landscape design in the USA, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Piet Oudolf has worked in New York on the planting design of the High Line Park, an old elevated railway line that has been transformed into a great city park. He also contributed to the planting plan for the Gardens of Remembrance in New York (The Battery Gardens) that were planted in memory of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Piet is also well known in his own country, The Netherlands, having designed the beautiful Vlinderhof garden in the Maxima Park in Utrecht.

Plant combinations, art and the four seasons of nature are the main sources of inspiration for Piet Oudolf. He is known for his naturalistic planting style, creating planting designs that offer interest, colour and form throughout the year. The combinations of plants and grasses that Piet selects provide a magnificence of colour from early spring well into the autumn, but in winter they give the garden structure and longevity.

In addition to designing planting schemes, Piet Oudolf has also published a number of books in collaboration with colleagues. Piet’s private garden at Hummelo can also be visited at certain times of the year. For more information about Piet Oudolf visit

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