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Autentic Garden Collection

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A collection with recorded strong perennials and grasses. With this collection, like Piet Oudolf, bring your own border at your fingertips. Plant them together for the first year, or supplement them directly with multiple varieties of grasses within our offer. Be inspired by this box! With good maintenance, you can have this collection expand further and further in your garden over the years.

Unfortunately our plantboxes are not available at the moment in the UK. This is due to phyto certificates and the delivery time that we have decided not to deliver to the Uk at this point. We are working on a solution to quickly solve this problem.

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Ligularia stenocephala ‘Little Rocket’
This is a particularly attractive addition to the garden with warm yellow flowers on brown steems with deep green segmented leaves. This plant is fully hardy but will benefit from a mulch of compost in early Spring. It will takes several years before the Ligularia is mature but your patience will be rewarded. Beware: snails also love this plant so we recommend a regular sprinkle of environmentally friendly slug pellets.


Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Fat Domino’
Persicaria ‘Fat Domino’ is an impressive man-sized perennial. It characterizes itself as the bearer of the biggest flower spikes of all Persicaria. A guarantee for an abundance of red flowers protruding proudly above its leaf mass. It is an absolute winner introduced by the well-known Belgian gardener Chris Ghyselen.


Molinia caerulea ‘Edith Dudszus’
This ornamental grass has graceful grey-green leaves and purple-black flower spikes that protrude high above the leaves. The leaves turn a wonderful straw yellow colour in autumn giving your garden interest and structure throughout the winter.



Geranium Brookside
This is a wonderful hardy geranium, with distinctive mauve blue flowers with a small white centre, is often used as groundcover in borders. Like many cranesbill geraniums has a distinctive perfume. Hardy geraniums have been used since the sixteenth century in the perfume industry and for medicinal purposes.


Geranium Psilistemon
This hardy geranium is a sturdy species from Armenia. The deep pink-colored flowers are stunningly beautiful, and useful in this combination due to the contrasting black heart. The smell of this plant is delicious and the bees and butterflies agree with us – they will readily visit this plant in your garden.


Allium ‘Summer Beauty’
Allium ‘Summer Beauty’ is blessed with lots of favorable features. In early spring this ornamental onion is one of the first plants with leaf. In midsummer sturdy bright pink flowers come out. Allium ‘Summer Beauty’ was discovered by Roy Diblík of Northwind Perennial. He called it ‘Summer Beauty’ even though the plant offers beauty throughout all four seasons. This bestseller holds its color in the fall and the flowers retain their shape throughout the winter. They provide a nice texture in your winter garden. Plenty of bees will come visit the Allium. Its flower has a high sugar content, so honey may carry the taste of the nectar of this plant.

Astilbe chinensis ‘Vision in Red’
‘Vision in Red’ is an upright cultivar that forms a foliage mound of dark green leaves with dark purple stems and petioles. Dark purplish red flowers in thick panicles bloom in late spring to early summer atop branching stems rising to 70 cm tall. This ‘Vision in Red’ from breeder Wim van Veen is a cross between Astilbe chinensis var. pumila and Astilbe chinensis ‘Purpurkerze’ issued in 2001.


Sesleria Greenlee Hybrid
Evergreen, low, clump-forming grasses with stiff, blue-green leaves. In the wild, preferably growing in the hottest and drought spots on steep limestone cliffs. The cultivated varieties grow a bit taller and also thrive in normal garden soil. This ‘Greenlee Hybrid’ is a variant of the American John Greenlee that is characterized by the blue-green leaves and the early cream-colored flower spikes.


Stachys ‘Mrs. Magenta’
This strong variety makes a great border plant. The brilliant spikes sway in the wind on a beautiful summer day! Due to its particularly powerful pink flower color, this plant is a magnet for many butterflies.

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