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Echinacea purpurea ‘Virgin’

Classic plants of the North American prairies. The large daisy flowers with a striking heart are characteristic, which gives a beautiful winter image in your garden.
Unfortunately, Echinacea also have a reputation for being short-lived. It is not entirely clear why this is so: fungal infestation, competition, lignification in the heart. Everything is mentioned, but in fact they are just not naturally perennials. Good strong cultivars of pure purpurea blood have proven to be the most reliable.
This pure white variant with its sleek and modern appearance is one of the stronger ones that can be used in gardens and public spaces.

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Height: 70 cm

Location: Tolerates full sun.

Care: Water regularly but not excessively.

Flowering time: The large white daisy-like flowers bloom in July to September.

Use: In full sun or a rich, well-draining soil. Good as a solitary but also comes into its own in larger groups.

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