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Natural Garden Collection

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This is the first in our series of plant collections and is aptly named as the term ‘natural garden’ is inextricably linked to Piet Oudolf. Plants in this collection are typical of a planting scheme designed by Piet Oudolf. We ship plant collection boxes every Tuesday so you will receive your order in time for weekend planting.

You can plant 1 m2 with one box. These plants will return bigger after each winter. This 1m2 will be full grown after 3 years.

Unfortunately our plantboxes are not available at this moment in the UK. This is due to phyto certificates and the delivery time that we have decided not to deliver to the UK at this point. We are working on a solution to quickly solve this problem.


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This is the first in our series of plant collections and is aptly named as the term ‘natural garden’ is inextricably linked to Piet Oudolf. Plants in this collection are typical of a planting scheme designed by Piet Oudolf. Inspired by nature Piet has chosen a combination of perennials and ornamental grasses to suit any sized garden for year-round interest and all plants are beneficial to birds, bees and other important pollinators. The Natural Garden Collection comes with a suggested planting schedule but all plants are suitable for planting at any time of year.

Astilbe chinensis ‘Vision Inferno’ PBR
This wonderful cultivar has large plumes of scented pale white-pink flowers and is a wonderful addition to the garden. The leaves have a beautiful dark sheen and as the plant finishes flowering the plumes take on a lovely green colour giving it longevity in the garden.


Astrantia major ‘Roma’ PBR
This classic plant, which is enjoying being back in the lime-light, (also known in the Netherlands as the Zeeland Knoopje) is a garden stalwart – perfectly hardy and easily grown. With lush green foliage and a profusion of pale pink flower spikes, which deepen as the flowers mature, this plant is liked by gardeners and garden pollinators alike.


Primula ‘Francesca’
This unusual primula is the longest flowering cultivar we know of. It has large ruffled green flowers with a wonderful yellow eye. Even after pollination the flowers hold their colour and form giving you blooms until late June. It was originally found on a roundabout in the US State of Oregon but now it’s available widely for all those with a love of plants to enjoy.


Cimicifuga ‘Queen of Sheba’ (Also Actaea ‘Queen of Sheba’)
This plant is an asset to any garden. Its combination of dark coloured leaves and fluffy pale flowers, that seem to float in the wind, is really quite special.  Again, this plant gives interest beyond it flowering period due to its wonderful red-black foliage.


Echinacea ‘Green Jewel’ PBR
As its name suggests, this wonderful Echinacea cultivar has soft emerald green flowers with unusual pointed petals. The large ornate heart of the flower is also green and flowers are held aloft of the foliage on long stems giving the border height and interest. In winter, especially with frost or snow, it provides a breathtaking winter silhouette. This plant, like many Echinacea, is a powerful natural antibiotic.


Monarda ‘Purple Lace’ PBR
This bergamot cultivar has striking cranberry coloured flowers. The flowers are long-lived providing colour and interest well into the winter.  Butterflies and bees are drawn to its colour and the scent of its leaves, which are used to perfume the famous Earl Grey tea.


Sporobolus heterolepis
This sturdy slow-growing and long-lived ornamental grass, also known as the Pearl Grass, originated on the prairies of North America and remains beautiful throughout the year. The delicate, graceful blades of mid-green turn a wonderful reddish colour in autumn. In summer this plant forms thin plumes of tiny white seed pearls which on hot days give off a sweet aroma and gently sway in the breeze.


Stachys Hummelo
This purple Stachys is a must for any garden. Due to its particularly deep and vibrant flower color, this plant is a magnet for many butterflies, but is also a very decorative plant to enjoy.  Stachys is a fantastically rich and long-flowering border plant that sets off the other plants in our Natural Garden Collection beautifully.


Veronica longifolia ‘Can Can’ PBR
This speedwell cultivar, with its delicate pink-purple flower spikes is a wonderful addition to any garden and complements our Natural Garden Collection beautifully. Like many of our other plant selections it is popular with bees and butterflies and provides colour and interest for much of the year.

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