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The Astilbe chinensis is native to Asia. It is a very valuable and strong border perennial and ground cover plant. The colors of the different cultivars are predominatly purple-pink and lilac-pink. Remarkably beautiful is the white cultivar ‘Vision in White’. Butterflies can often be seen as visitors to the brightly colored plumes. The inflorescences are narrow and rigid.
The heyday of the ‘Vision’-series ranges from June-July to close in September. The Astilbe chinensis demands moist soil and a cool, semi-shaded location. They can be planted in a sunny place, but then they should be kept wet. If not then they can get ‘sunburned’. That means, the leaves wither and as a result the growth of the Astilbe will come to a hold. A no-go! Water them regularly. These plants can remain in the same place for years.

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Astilbe chinensis ‘Vision Inferno’
This wonderful cultivar has large plumes of scented pale white-pink flowers and is a wonderful addition to the garden. The leaves have a beautiful dark sheen and as the plant finishes flowering the plumes take on a lovely green colour giving it longevity in the garden.


Astilbe chinensis ‘Vision in White’
Astilbe ‘Vision in White’ is a valuable plant with beautiful feathery bronze green leaves and feathery white inflorescence. This Astilbe absolutely loves moist soil and should never dry out. But don’t give it wet feet in winter. A little fertilizer, compost or leaf mold in spring should perk her up. The best place for Astilbe is in light shade as to much direct sun reduces it’s flowering time. It also loves a place next to the water. The Astilbe ‘Vision in White’ proudly blooms well above it’s foliage. Even in winter the spikes are very decorative, especially in a large group combined with other Astilbe species.
Astilbe chinensis ‘Vision in Red’
‘Vision in Red’ is an upright cultivar that forms a foliage mound of dark green leaves with dark purple stems and petioles. Dark purplish red flowers in thick panicles bloom in late spring to early summer atop branching stems rising to 70 cm tall. This ‘Vision in Red’ from breeder Wim van Veen is a cross between Astilbe chinensis var. pumila and Astilbe chinensis ‘Purpurkerze’ issued in 2001.

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