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Sunlovers Collection

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Echinacea, also called ‘Sun hat’, grows naturally in the east of the United States. In the summer months, large pollen of this plant can be found here and there on the wide prairies. You can see them from afar by the beautiful, beautiful colors of the flower. The Echinacea purpuea is rightly at home in the ‘most beautiful garden plants’ category
These Echinacea purpurea introductions from Piet Oudolf stand out as sturdy, well-perennial perennials that can reach a height of around seventy centimeters. And the impressive colors of this collection speak for themselves. Because of their relatively limited height, the flowers seem even bigger. A larger group of Echinacea can also be combined with various grasses in your garden.

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Unfortunately our plantboxes are not available at this moment in the UK. This is due to phyto certificates and the delivery time that we have decided not to deliver to the UK at this point. We are working on a solution to quickly solve this problem.


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Echinacea purpurea ‘Green Jewel’
A real jewel in your own garden! The flowers of the Echinacea Green Jewel are, as the name reveals, green in color. The large, elegant heart of the flower is green and the funny and pointed petals are soft green in color. As soon as the flowers have finished, this plant remains fun to look at. Even in the winter with frost or snow, the view gives a breathtaking winter silhouette. The plant is also useful and provides a powerful natural antibiotic.


Echinacea purpurea ‘Virgin’
This compact plant with its richly blooming beautiful wide open flowers is a treat for the eye! The Echinacea Virgin gives great white flowers during the flowering period. Bees, bumblebees and butterflies like to visit this plant during that time.


Echinacea purpurea ‘Vintage Wine’
Echinacea Vintage Wine, or the ‘red Sun hat’, is a beautiful introduction by Piet Oudolf from 2004. The sturdy relatively short flower stems have a height of about 80 cm. The flowers have a bright, bright pink color with slightly different petals. Because of the sturdy stems, the flowers stay together in a group and do not fall apart. This gives you a beautiful deck of fresh colors. This Echinacea is very suitable for borders and can easily be combined with a variety of other types of perennials. Vintage Wine gives the best result if you plant this in a sunny spot in your garden.

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