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Perennials are a natural, seasonal product and and therefore not in growth all year round. All our plant collections are seasonal. The first collections are available from April, and each collection can be ordered in time for the planting period. Each collection stated the period in which they are available. After placing your order we let you know when your plants will be supplied. You will receive an order confirmation with an order number.

Yes. It is possible to send a collection to a different delivery address. State the address you would like the order to be delivered to clearly when you order and we will make sure the package is delivered to the address of your choice.

We ship orders true the week from Monday till Fryday. You can follow your package through transit with the Track and Trace number that you receive via email when placing an order.

The Piet Oudolf Collection wall décor can be shipped worldwide – contact us for postage costs and to place an order. The Piet Oudolf Collection plant boxes can be shipped within the Netherlands, to Belgium and to the UK only. Shipping costs will be calculated at the checkout stage.

No, that is not possible. Plants are produced across multiple sites so we do not offer a collection service.

All prices mentioned on our website include VAT.  In your order confirmation email, the VAT will be clearly marked.

We hope you will be completely satisfied with our products and service but in the event of a complaint, please contact us as soon as possible via email on, clearly quoting your order number and the nature of your complaint. We will always acknowledge receipt of your email and we will work with you to find a suitable solution as soon as possible.

When purchasing products (unlike plants), you have a cooling-off period of 14 days. This means you can decide not to go ahead with your purchase without giving any reason. This is called the right of withdrawal. This starts on the day after receipt of your ordered products. During this period you should handle the product and packaging carefully. You can remove the product from its original packaging in order to determine whether to keep it, but if you would like to make the right of withdrawal, we expect you to return the product to us, in the condition in which it was delivered and, if possible, in the original packaging. The cost of returning the product is your own responsibility.

You will be fully refunded, less the amount of original postage costs, within 30 days of the product being returned to us.

We source all our perennials and grasses directly from the grower, so we can guarantee the best quality. If the product you wish to purchase is out of stock and is unlikely to be in stock soon, we will contact you to discuss suitable alternatives.

We try to keep the website up to date and will try to show when a product is out of stock.

If the plant you are looking for is not listed in any of our plant collections, we are not able to supply it. Piet Oudolf Collections are combinations of complementary plants and grasses selected by Piet Oudolf. Therefore, plants are supplied as complete collections and not as individual plants.

We have designed our collections to give you interest and colour in your garden throughout the year from early spring until late autumn – even in winter your garden will be enhanced by first frosts on the seed heads – and so would encourage you to select collections for different seasons. You can of course order multiples of any collection.

Customer data

Please check that your username is spelled correctly and that you have used the correct password. Please note that your username and password are case sensitive and so you should check that the Caps Lock on your keyboard is not engaged. Following your registration, you will receive an email with your login details. You can retrieve your password or change it using the link in this email. If you are still having trouble logging in, please contact us by phone or email.

You can request a new password via the login area of the website. It is advisable that, after logging in with the new password that is provided, that you change it to something unique and memorable.

Your information will be treated confidentially and is stored securely. We will only provide your data to third parties needed in the process.

If you wish to receive newsletters, please subscribe using the link below. At the bottom of each newsletter you will find the link to unsubscribe and you can do this at any time.

Planting advice

We try to supply each plant collection at the most appropriate time for planting. The main rule is though that you can plant all our plants almost immediately upon receipt. The Piet Oudolf Collection perennials are delivered in 3 ‘blister-packs’ (P9: is a 9x9cm square pot, with a capacity of 0.5 litres) with potting soil. It is important to plant and water plants directly so they are given the best opportunity to establish themselves and set down roots. If you do not have the opportunity to plant the plants directly, then you should remove the plants from the packaging upon arrival and water regularly, to maintain the quality of the plants.

We suggest that you submerge the plants in water as soon as you receive them so that the root ball is completely wet and then use the planting scheme provided with the collection, or use your own imagination to place and plant them. You will receive a container in which to keep the plant labels so you can refer to the care advice – you could hang it up in your shed for safe-keeping. The collections are also well suited for use in large pots and will look beautiful on your balcony or patio.

  • Make the planting hole about 1 to 2 times as large as the root ball is wide. For a P9 pot you will need a hole of about 14 cm.
  • Add some manure or organic fertilizer and mix it with your garden soil.
  • Plant the perennial / grass at the same depth as its depth in the pot. Ensure that the leaves remain above ground and the base of the stem is not buried. Try to remove the containers without damaging the roots.
  • Create an even base to the hole and water it before planting. Place the plant in the middle of the planting hole.
  • Back fill the hole with the improved soil. Firm the soil around the plant well to remove any air pockets and water well.
  • You can plant out any of our plants all year round, except when the ground is frozen.

Most species can be planted well in (large) pots. Take particular care that the pot has sufficient drainage (for example through a hole in the bottom of the pot). The pots should be protected well against frost. You can for example wrap them with straw or bubble wrap to protect them from frost, or you bring the pots into the shed when the plants have entered their dormant period and bring them out again once the last frosts have passed.

Organic manure or fertilizer is best added in late winter or early spring. This gives the nutrients time to be released into the soil giving the plants the best possible start to their growing season. The organic fertilizer can be either mixed to the soil before planting or used as a mulch once the plants are established. All fertilization should be stopped about mid-August, the plants do not grow anymore after this time but start getting ready for winter.

Prevention is better than cure. You can do a lot to prevent diseases in your plants. Plants that are enjoying themselves do not get sick so keep them well watered and fed. In a healthy garden there are all kinds of insects and most of the time they keep each other in check and do little harm. It can become a problem if a single species suddenly becomes dominant and if this occurs they can be damaging to plants and you may need to think about biological control. But never exaggerate. In many cases nature will restore the balance itself.

Ladybirds eat aphids. The same goes for earwigs. Did you know that hedgehogs also consume large quantities of insects, slugs and snails? Tits (among others, coal tits and blue tits) love eating caterpillars. And not just a few! If they are feeding a young brood of chicks they can devour hundreds – consider helping these birds become established in your garden by building bird houses, specific for tits.

All flowers are food sources for insects. Bees and butterflies perhaps the most important example of pollinating insects you can attract to your garden. Several plants in our collections are particularly attractive for bees. For example the famous coneflower (Echinacea) and Queens Spice (Eupatorium) both of which bloom for months and so provide a long-standing food source. Almost all the plants in the Piet Oudolf Collection provide much food for bees in the form of nectar as they are plants with many flowers that have long flowering periods.

Water your plants immediately after planting. When the weather is very dry then your plants will need more regular watering. And it goes without saying that if the weather is very humid you will need to water them less.

Yes. All the plants in our collections are hardy perennials, meaning they can withstand winter temperatures without protection and over the winter will have a period of rest. Most perennials and shrubs are fine outside even in harsh winters. Even though you will see the leaves disappear over winter, the roots underground are still alive and the crown of the plant is storing energy for the next growing season. In the spring you will see the first green leaf tips starting to show above the ground!

In the autumn, when the plants finish flowering and begin to die off, it is best to leave them alone. The barren stems not only protect the plant from the cold, but look beautiful and architectural over winter. They also provide over-winter protection for hibernating insects and other beneficial garden creatures. Allow the leaves to fall naturally – they will provide a protective layer for the roots against frost. Do not over-fertilize or provide nutrients too late in the year. Seed heads need to be allowed to ripen and the plants need a period of dormancy to prepare for the following growing season.

This is certainly not a problem. Snow insulates the plants from frost and will therefore protect your plants.

We supply all our plants direct from specialist breeders so you can be assured of excellent quality, fresh, healthy plants. To underline our commitment to quality we suuply every garden plant with a growth guarantee. Should the plant show no signs of life awithin two months after planting, tell us. NOTE: Even plants are hungry and thirsty, so be sure to give enough water!

If you are building a new garden it is wise to prepare a good planting plan. The planting plan of Piet Oudolf Collection helps you with that. But of course you can also use your own plan – there are no rules in gardening!

Piet Oudolf emphasizes structure, light and movement in his designs. Individual plants are used as harmonious elements in lush and attractive planting schemes, which differs from the traditional colour scheme border.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Piet Oudolf has more applications from home and abroad than he can ever deliver. However, Piet recommends the following landscape designer as he follows his style:

Hans van Horssen, Garden Design & Plant Service
Hans has specialized in the dynamic style of ‘Dutch Wave’ planting. A plant style that brings all seasons into focus!


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