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The promises
of Piet Oudolf

Quality is assured

Our plants meet the highest possible quality standards. We have selected, tried and tested growers to ensure that each and every plant we offer for sale gives you the best result. Plants are selected by hand and carefully packed to ensure they reach you in the best possible condition.

Harmonious collections

Each of our nine collections is, in itself, a stand-alone combination suitable for planting together. However, we hope you will add to your collections and so have designed them all to fit harmoniously with each other so you can be assured of a beautiful end result.


The plant collections offered for sale here have all been exclusively selected by Piet Oudolf. The Piet Oudolf Collections really do allow you to create your very own Piet Oudolf designed planting scheme in your own garden.

Piet Oudolf Favourites

Piet Oudolf has carefully compiled the nine collections we offer for sale here. All the collections have been inspired by projects Piet has contributed to around the world. You can be assured that the collections consist of some of Piet Oudolf’s favourite plants.

Passende collecties voor harmonieus geheel

Each collection stands alone, but also fits in with the other (future) collections that are being put together for the Piet Oudolf Collection. This way you are assured of a harmonious end result.

Discover the joy of gardening with the Piet Oudolf Collection

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